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Barn Again

Not too long ago, nail holes, weather marks and saw scars were charming only on the wood of cabin walls and barn doors. Those and other telltale signs of age, however, are increasing important to urban dwellers in Kansas City, who are turning to decrepit barns, unusable buildings and abandoned warehouses for a mature storied design material.

Known broadly as "reclaimed wood," the category includes the siding, floors, beams and dimensional lumber harvested from structures often 100 or more years old.

Kansas City Star  [10/12/2008]
Local Color - Q & A Matt Rosburg

You won't often find scrap wood from an old barn that has been refurbished and is ready to use in your home project. That's why Matt Rosburg started Seldom Found Architecturals in the West Bottoms three years ago. The 29 year old co-owner works 10 to 15 hours a day on his company, which reuses building materials that would otherwise be on their way to the dump. .

The company now has six employees and sells building products to architects, builders, and flooring companies as well as homeowners and remodelers.

The company's shop and showroom in a refurbished building is filled with stacks of antique doors (no one the same size), old wood beams, bricks, fountains from Italy, floorboard samples and reproductions of salvaged doors that were striking but too decrepit or costly to refurbish.

Kansas City Star - Matt Rosburg [8/31/2008]

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