Building Green
Seldom Found Builds Green.

Seldom Found proudly proclaims that a majority of our building materials are considered to be eco-friendly. From our floors and doors to our beams and bricks – please reference our catalog for our full list of eco-friendly products.

Seldom Found is and always has been considered to be a green-friendly company. Mike Dobbs one of Seldom Found’s co-founders and business partners has been utilizing green materials in his building projects for over 35 years. He is an expert on the placement and execution of the environmentally friendly products (in any design) that Seldom Found carries.

Matt Rosburg, one of the co-founders and business partners of Seldom Found has been featured in several articles speaking about the importance of the utilization of earth-friendly products. Please see our news/postings for the full articles.

Sara Roman, a business partner and the business manager of Seldom Found is an activist in the green movement and sits on Kansas City’s HBA Green Build Council, Please check back to our site with updated information on events hosted by the HBA Green Build Council.

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